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So Vanilla Ice told us all to "stop, Collaborate and listen, Ice is back with my brand new invention, Something grabs a hold of me tightly, flows like a harpoon daily and nightly, Will it ever stop? I don't know?" Nobody knew what he was talking about then. And still don't. However, hopefully this may shed some light on other matters...


I thought the flags were really cool *updated*

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Things I need to get better at: knowing more about national flags

Let’s get caffeinated

Everyone loves a day off. I know that given the current work schedule, these moments of individual freedom need to be cherished and used to catch up on life admin - and to drink coffee. 

Today is one of these sacrosanct moments. A day where there were no pressing engagements, and for others life was beginning to return to normal following the festive hiatus. 

This meant that inevitably I was going to be forced to complete a number of ‘personal chores’ that had been put off on the basis that things simply weren’t open. But that wasn’t going to stop me checking out some of the places I love, and one that had come highly recommended - and been on the ‘to do’ list for months. 

Kicking off with a cheeky dip at Clovelly is always a win. And having it virtually to myself - virtually impossible. But it happened. 

Three Blue Ducks is a post swim favourite, and their muffins are worth the extra hours at the gym they require. And yes, I coffee/muffin doubled. It was rad. 

After having sufficiently exploited the beachside suburbs, I gave in to my coffee nerd desires and headed to Brewtown Newtown. This place is a coffee mecca (for Sydney siders - pardon the pun, there is no connection to Mecca Roasters). It is doing things a little differently. Filters via hand pump. Cold brew on tap. This shit is rad. It is full of the highfalutin coffee wankery/snobbery that the East so desires. That Surry Hills sometimes has. But with the edge that only the Inner West can provide. It has now progressed to the Sydney ‘Must See/Do’ List for all visitors, or those new to the coastal city. If you missed all the subtle hints - I really dug it. 

It was so good, you’ll probably lick the bottom of the cup too. 

Please pardon the rubbish pano - but the death stares I received taking it meant it had to go in… 

Precious alone time well spent. You can thank me later. 

Bondi - you are a bit of alright.

Bondi - you are a bit of alright.